The Electric Car Boom (And You)

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A decade after the federal EV tax credit was put into place, we may finally be at a turning point. Policies are quickly changing as politicians get on board with electric cars.


California is leading the charge with over half the EV market. Electric utilities and partnerships are getting more sophisticated.


The auto industry has pivoted and is steadily climbing towards more EVs. The tech is getting more efficient, which means more affordable. Expect to see Tesla Semis and more powerful consumer EVs in the near future.


But what does all of this mean for the car guys and gals out there? The true fans. The old guard. You.


Personality, Power, Performance

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Well first, let’s squash the stereotype that electric cars can’t be as powerful or charismatic as those that run off internal combustion. No get-up-and-go, no giddyup, no character. While that may have been true with the early generations of EVs, they’re starting to match traditional cars in that feeling that most traditionalists don’t want to lose.


Here’s a summary of the technical highlights courtesy of Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained via Jalopnik:


EVs produce instant peak torque which means max power and acceleration from the moment you step on the pedal. The transmission is simpler when means more reliability and shifting speed. The throttle response can be tuned precisely to your needs. Braking power also remains more reliable thanks to regenerative braking.


The EV batteries might be heavy, but you can put them anywhere on a newly designed vehicle. Hence Tesla’s bottom battery pack which frees up cargo and passenger space.”


There are electric dragsters! The Tesla Model S can go 60 in 3 seconds! This all-electric ‘68 Mustang is shattering records!




The fun of driving is not going away.


Think of the upgrades, too. With the industry competition and ability to upgrade firmware after you buy the car, your ride can get better after you buy it. As much as we love Hemis, you can’t upgrade one over wi-fi.

Cutting The Cost

 electric car tire lettering

Electric car engines are simpler and require less maintenance. That means less chance of breakdown and less downtime when they do go down. Fewer moving parts means they should last longer too.


Whether you care about the environmental impacts or not (you should), EVs are cheaper to “gas up” and you don’t have to roll through the gas station to do it. Plug in at home and just roll the cost into your electric bill. No more oil changes either.


Plus, if you have a gas-guzzling muscle car, you can save all the gas for the drag race and keep your daily driver electric.


This change is coming and you’ll benefit from riding the wave. Tax incentives from the government. Partnerships between industries. Special rates from utility companies. Free public charging.


As the electric boom continues, it’ll be much more cost effective to drive an all-electric car, but that doesn’t shut down the past completely.


Recharging The Past

 porsche tire lettering

EVs don’t have to fully replace the old guard. And for progressive car lovers, they’re actually broadening horizons.


That modded ‘68 Mustang from above. This half-Tesla, half-Honda Teslonda. These souped-up vintage classics. This rebuilt Ferrari 308. A lineup of electric Deloreans that would make Doc Brown proud.


Just imagine all the beautiful creations we’ll see when the EV market opens up and car tuners really get their hands on them.


This isn’t a top priority for car manufacturers currently, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see the nostalgic remnants of traditional cars be emulated eventually too.


The roar of the engine might be a gentle purr now, but imagine what some aftermarket solutions could do. How about some vapor exhaust? The nostalgic smell of gasoline might disappear, but they’ll probably sell gasoline air fresheners eventually (note: pitch gasoline air fresheners…).


And look, no one is going to take your old-school car from your driveway. Fanatics will still have their niche, it just might become more specialized. When cars replaced horses, did the horse fans stop riding? Will you? Probably not. (Although where are all the half-horse, half-car hybrids? Checkmate, science.)


The Electric Car Boom (And Tire Stickers)


Luckily for us, the flying car paradigm is still a long ways off (right?), and electric cars still need tires. And that means Tire Stickers. We’re all about progress too, so expect to see all new products in the shop throughout 2019 and beyond.


Don’t be shy about posting pics of your electric car with Tire Stickers either. Just tag #TireStickers on Instagram and we may even repost them (across our Facebook and Twitter too!).



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