Cerebrum Smart Tire Sensors

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  At Tire Stickers, we’re all about innovation and serving our customers. That said, we’re proud to announce the release of our partner company’s newest product, Cerebrum Smart Tire Sensors!   Cerebrum was developed by the inventors of aftermarket tire lettering; Tire Stickers. Utilizing years of rubber bonding experience & extensive research & development, Cerebrum emerged to fulfill the industry’s need for a universal smart tire technology & advanced analytics to improve safety, performance & support autonomous vehicles.   Cerebrum is the first aftermarket tire sensor capable of measuring tire pressure, tire rubber temperature, tread depth health & alignment variation. The Cerebrum app (available in the App Store) features an Advanced Mode which records user sessions providing the GPS path, pressure, temperature & accelerometer conditions to optimize tire performance. Cerebrum is the future of tire sensors.   This 4-pack D.I.Y. kit includes:

  • (4) reusable Cerebrum smart tire sensors, each protected by a master housing
  • (4) Universal, base-housings used to mount Cerebrum sensors within each tire.  These base-housings can be purchased separately to re-use the Cerebrum smart sensors in a different tire. 
  • (1) Permanent rubber bonding adhesive for D.I.Y. application of the tire sensors
  • (1) Tire preparation cleaning solution and inner liner scraper tool
  • Cerebrum mobile application with unlimited accounts

  Cerebrum sensors can be installed by anyone, including a qualified wheel and tire technician.  The process for installing Cerebrum universal base-housings is easy and similar to applying a tire patch. For detailed instructions on the simple installation of Cerebrum sensors, check out our Installation Video (coming soon).   





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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8.5 × 2.5 in