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Temporary (Short Term):
- Peel and Stick Application Guide Instruction Sheet

Peel and Stick - Application Video


Permanent (Long Term):
- Permanent Application Guide Instruction Sheet

Permanent - Application Video


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Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .1 × .1 × .1 in
Product Type:

Peel & Stick (Temporary), Raised Rubber (Permanent)


White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Pink (Perm only), Tarheel Blue (Perm only)

Decal Height:

5/8 inches, 0.75 inches, 1 inch, 1.25 inches, 1.50 inches, 1.75 inches, 2 inches, custom size

Font Type:

Aachen, Achilles (Only for Achilles orders), Arabic, BF Goodrich (Only used for BF Goodrich orders), Bridgestone Font, Bubble Gum, Continental Font (Only for Continental orders), Continental Standard Font (Only for Continental orders), Chinese, Chunk Five, Cooper (Only for Cooper orders), Dunlop (Only for Dunlop orders), Falken Tire Font, Federal Font (Only for Federal orders), Firestone, Fruti, Full Pack, General Tire (Only for General orders), GeoSlab, GoodYear w/logo (Only for Goodyear orders), GRAND, Hankook w/logo (Only for Hankook orders), Hoosier Font (Only for Hoosier orders), Idlers Font, Impact, Japanese, Kumho w/logo (Only for Kumho orders), Michelin (Only for Michelin orders), Mickey Thompson, Minstrel, Nankang w/logo (Only for Nankang orders), Nexen (Mirror Style for Nexen orders), Nexen (Spelled Out Style), Nitto font, Serpentine, Speedhunters Font, Stance Font, Transform, Toyo Tires font, Vredestein font, WIDE FONT, Yokohama w/logo (Only for Yokohama orders), Font not listed – Leave note on checkout


4 Decals, 8 Decals

23 reviews for Create your Own – 4 Pack

  1. Cory Peterson

    I decided to try the Semi-Permanent Peel and Stick Tire Stickers to see if it was something I wanted to go with on my car. The fact that these could easily be removed should I not like the look was a huge plus for me. I had seen some of the other tire lettering options out there and was somewhat skeptical. A friend had a set that glued on and had to be reglued several times over…I was not impressed. Saw another friend’s set bubble up after a road trip. I even tried to paint the logos on my tires….didn’t last 30 miles.

    The cost of the Semi-Permanent Peel and Stick Tire Stickers was low enough that I figured it was worth the risk. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a permanent logo on the tire, so these were perfect.

    Received the stickers, read the instructions, had them on the car in under an hour. Well under. Spent most of the time degreasing the tires. The stickers went on without issue, and they were easy to manipulate as they went on to ensure they were straight and even.

    I’ve done multiple road trips with the car, washed it many times, and have had zero issues with the Semi-Permanent Peel and Stick Tire Stickers. They look awesome. I couldn’t be happier with the product. Not too expensive, easy to install (and remove should you feel the need), and so far long lasting.


  2. Dean Blevins.

    I could not be any happier purchasing a product from this company. The best customer I have ever dealt with.

  3. Tyler Hitt

    This is awesome

  4. Nick Shelton

    I’m very happy with the heat-applied. Super easy to heat on!

  5. Tire Stickers (verified owner)

    Thanks for the feedback! We find that there are two challenges customers can face with application: (1) some brands of tires have more oil in the rubber which requires excessive cleaning or the tire temperature is too cold for proper adhesion (2) ribbed surfaces and raised profiles do not allow for smooth surface application which means more attention must be spend applying pressure in the grooves to create a bond. Sounds like you figured these both out! If customers ever have challenges with application we will offer our services to guide them through the process as well as replacement decals free of charge.

  6. Vincent Ruggiero

    I think you guys have an amazing product that stands alone from anything else that is like this. I mean anyone can use a stencil and spray paint and it can be done but that’s universal. You guys offer a variety of options where it’s almost impossible for 2 different orders to come out alike.

  7. Chas B

    Very impressed with the product! Have decided not to ever use tredwear products. Did some testing and not happy with the results. Cracked lettering and product coming off tires. That would be nothing but customer service headaches, callbacks, and refunds.

  8. Kevin S

    You guys have a really great customer service I like that! Thumbs up!!

  9. Tire Stickers (verified owner)

    ATV can use Peel and Stick or Permanent. If this isn’t for a race, we’d suggest the Permanent!

  10. Billy She (verified owner)

    Just received the permanent letters today and find that the quality of them are amazing. Fast handling and shipping (I am located in Hong Kong). One of the best sellers I have ever met. Thumbs up!

  11. Luis Lopez (verified owner)

    Thank you u guys did a great job buying more from you in a couple of weeks!!!

  12. Mifik Z

    today received the parcel.
    thank you very much for your service !
    really fast shipping and excellent products !
    will order more soon !!!

  13. Jerry J

    So happy with your product over other companies, it is high quality and does’t change color or crack and fall off!!!! Definitely will recommend to our car club! thanks

  14. Thomas (verified owner)

    My first set order set of 8 (PERM), little worried about the quality and price paid for an unknown, but reviews of product warranted the go ahead with the order.
    Just ordered my 3rd set, Why ?

  15. Alex V

    I just wanted to say you guys have a great product and great customer service. I am very pleased with how the came out. Thank you!

  16. Dustin M (verified owner)

    You guys are on point! Thanks again guys!

  17. Roberto Vargas Jr

    I ordered semi-perm peel and stick. Really easy and straight forward to install. Only issue I encountered was my streetbike tire had a lot of lettering so I used a wire wheel to smooth it out. The Tirestickers always out last my tires. About to order a new set for both my bikes soon. Not to mention they look sick while riding wheelies!

  18. Garshawn Paynther

    I have the rs Camaro and want to purchase the perm tire stickers but i have no idea what size looks good with the 19in goodyear eagle tires. I want my stickers to say good year eagle .

    • Tire Stickers (verified owner)

      We’d recommend 1.25-1.5″ height depending on the full tire size. It is subjective, the stock size is going to be closer to 1″ height.

  19. Brett Wyman

    For the longest time I was hesitant about getting these stickers because I was unsure of how they would look and if I messed up I would be screwed. I read a lot of reviews and read some bad ones and good ones. I figured I would try it out….Let me tell you, I am extremely mad! Extremely mad I did not get these sooner! Joy was very amazing with her customer service. She called me to answer questions I had. The install was very easy! Very great product and they look amazing on the tire! I will def continue to use in the future and will recommend everyone I know to them.

  20. Ted Gennerman

    Product was easy to install and looks amazing!

  21. John Wandishin

    Great quality product. They matched the image I sent them perfectly and order arrived quickly. Thick material and plenty of adhesive product included. Make sure you prep your area good and let the adhesive do the rest. I had to keep pressure a little longer than the directions read but the humidity in NC was obscene. Will definitely order again.

  22. MrLima

    The best tire stickers out there, I bought this for my Ducati 848 so give it a different look! The only thing is I got white and they turned yellow do to my brake dust but that’s not tire sticker fault. It my bike brembo produces a lot of brake dust. Very easy to install! You just have to make sure to clean the tire very very well before install the letters

  23. Gino do Vale

    A friend of mine got his order and is very happy with the results. He inspired me to do something as well. I was wondering if it’s possible to have a text with different colors? I would like to have about 4 to 5 color in one text.
    Please let me know, would really like to have something fancy.

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