Why We Love The Auto Community

The Car Enthusiast



You’re passionate.


Being a car lover is more than just getting from A to B.


It isn’t like being a fan of a certain band or football team. It’s something we live and breathe. We obsess about our cars, we talk about them, we mod them, we show them off, we fix them, we drive them. It’s not just something we love, it’s something we do.


Who doesn’t get a little giddy when they see a hypercar out in public? #carguysbelike


There’s plenty to learn and aspire to. The auto industry is constantly changing. There’s always a newer, hotter car on the horizon. There’s always a record to be broken.


It’s the perfect mix of thinking hard and getting your hands dirty.


It’s about the journey and the destination. It’s a road that never ends.


Everyone Is Welcome


The only requirement to join the auto community is to love autos. That’s it.


Don’t listen to the gatekeeping assholes who say you have to love a certain make or model or be about it a certain way. The diversity of our community is what makes it so special.


People from all over the world geeking out about the newest auto accessory or rumored announcement. People, and cars, of all kinds showing up to car shows and industry events. People of all kinds following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


While there’s plenty of healthy debate, the auto community transcends race, religion, age, location, and time itself. There’s only one thing that really matters: the car itself.

A Legacy Of Innovation



In a world of movers and shakers, the automotive industry is one of the biggest. No matter what brand, they’re constantly innovating and bringing new technology to the masses. Unless you’ve got an automotive factory in your basement, you’ve got to be grateful for that.


What other industry wraps form, function, and the future into one badass package that seeks to break all boundaries?


The steam-powered vehicles of the 18th and 19th centuries were only the beginning.


The Model T transformed the world as the first mass-produced automobile.


The ThrustSSC broke the land speed record, and the sound barrier, at 763 mph.


The Delorean hit 88 mph and traveled through time. (Uhh…)


Tesla cemented the electric car as the way of the future.


The self-driving cars on the horizon are sure to change our world once again.


It’s not enough that the auto industry changes with the innovations of the time, it’s always driving us forward.



The Tire Stickers Community


Of all the auto-loving communities out there, the Tire Stickers community has a special place in our heart. You guys rock and you make our jobs worth it! We love the memes as much as you do too.


Whether you roam Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you’re welcome in our garage.


Just don’t forget to tag pictures of your Tire Stickers adorned rides with #TireStickers and we’ll share your beauty with the world at large.


Keep that passion alive, find your kind of gearheads, and DRIVE ON!




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