Say No To Knockoffs

When you buy from the best, you get the best. Don’t take our reputation, licensing, and use by professionals worldwide as the proof alone though, read on to find out why knockoff brand tire lettering sucks.

Say No To Knockoffs


If you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you’ve probably seen us knock on the knockoff brands. There’s no denying they’re out there, but there’s no denying we’re better than them either.

The Pitfalls of Knockoffs


Here’s what happens when you cheap out and go with a non-official tire lettering.


  1. Staining: Due to oil, anti-oxidants, and mold release agents, knockoff tire lettering won’t look fresh as long as ours. Discoloration takes place as these chemicals migrate through the substrate; this staining cannot be removed. Typically this happens within 1-2 weeks with most knockoffs, but some have thicker rubber which can add some time, but even our short term peel and stick product is more durable.  
  2. Peeling: Due to poor quality adhesive, knockoff lettering isn’t guaranteed to stay stuck and then you’re out of luck.  Most imitators use a standard super glue, "gorilla glue" or similar to bond to the tire rubber.  The short term result is going to be a poor quality bond because of the dynamic conditions the tire sidewall experiences.  Even glue designed for rubber will not be enough to last the lifetime of the tire.  
  3. Cracking: Due to poor quality, non-UV-resistant rubber, knockoff-tire-lettering cracks under pressure and exposure to the elements; just like a rubber band left in the sun.  Official Tire Stickers letters last long and in extreme temperature and environmental conditions.
  4. Tire Damage: Corrosive adhesive on knockoff brands can damage your tire’s rubber compounds. Not only will your knockoff lettering be destroyed, but your (expensive) tires can be damaged too. Most 'off-the-shelf' adhesives used by knockoff tire lettering companies will cause corrosive damage to the rubber compounds in the tire and risk the sidewall tire integrity.  Our adhesive have been developed specifically for tire lettering in collaboration with each tire company and have been approved to the highest standards after rigorous testing by brands like Michelin, BFGoodrich, Goodyear, General Motors, and more.  Is your safety while driving worth the risk? 
  5. Bad Reputation: Okay, this is only a perception, but just like official Nikes, people know when you’re rocking the real deal. Knockoff products are liable to make you look like a poser and ruin the entire look of your vehicle. And no one wants that reputation.  There is a reason we're the official licensee of tire companies, automotive manufacturers and more and our quality is worth every penny.  


You might save a buck in the short term, but you lose out pretty quickly, look like a chump, and can even damage your car and tires themselves.


Buy cheap, buy twice.

Official Tire Stickers

Tire Stickers is the first and only official brand of high-quality tire lettering (and more). We have legit partnerships with all your favorite brands, a dedicated support staff (who will even install the Tire Stickers for you), and over a decade of experience.  Just like their fake products, knockoff companies may claim licensing, affiliation, etc. but only Tire Stickers can be found representing the tire brands in motorsports racing like Formula Drift and 24 Hours of Le Mans, at the largest auto shows like the SEMA show and Tokyo Auto Salon and even in movies like the Fate of the Furious.  


And we’re only getting better.


When you buy from us, you get all of this and that satisfaction that you’re not a wannabe.


That’s a win-win.


Did You Buy A Knockoff?


It’s okay. We forgive you and we still love you. In fact, we’d like to hear your story. E-mail with a tale about your knockoff purchase and photos of the issues and we’ll even give you a discount of 35% off on the real deal Tire Stickers. No joke!!!

When you purchase official Tire Stickers you also get to participate in our vibrant community with like-minded car lovers. Get your act together and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


And remember: just say NO to knockoffs and avoid a nightmare!!!



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