Official BFGoodrich Tire Letters

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Tire Shine

Avoiding staining and discoloration caused by oil based tire shine. Only HydroShine is approved for use on BFGoodrich Tire Letters!

Optional Installation

Instead of a D-I-Y kit, get a professional installation with warranty available through our Los Angeles headquarters exclusively. Bring your tires in or purchase tires with BFGoodrich Tire Letters through us directly!


This specialty product may experience extended lead times of approximately 5-7 business days.


Your vehicle isn’t just a car or truck. It’s an expression of who you are, and your tires are a big part of that. That’s why there’s BFGoodrich Tire Letters. Designed to fit perfectly & exclusively on your BFGoodrich tires, this tire lettering kit is an eye-catching way to express yourself.
What are BFGoodrich® Tire Letters?
Since first introduced in 2007 by Tire Stickers® LLC based in Los Angeles California, tire lettering kits are an exploding trend in vehicle customization. BFGoodrich® has exclusively partnered with Tire Stickers® to introduce BFGoodrich® Tire Letters.  Developed in collaboration with enthusiasts and motorsports teams, and made in the USA, these raised rubber tire letters adhere to your tire sidewalls over the existing black lettering with real strength (designed to withstand the most demanding conditions and highest temperatures). The product is designed to last the life of the tire in all daily driving and most off-road conditions with the exception of severe sidewall abrasion, however, replacements can be ordered if necessary! Note: The Signature Edition product is limited to 1000 hours of direct UV exposure before fading may take place.

Can I order these for my tires?
Each tire lettering kit is designed to perfectly over the existing sidewall lettering.   BFGoodrich Tire Letters will be available for most tire models and sizes including:

-All Terrain T/A KO2 (perfect fit over black side)
-Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 (perfect fit)
-g-Force Comp 2 and Comp 2 A/S (covers existing lettering, does not 'perfect fit')
-g-Force Rival (cover existing lettering)


What colors are available?
Choose between three color options for your BFGoodrich® Tire Letters including:

-Signature Edition – Red, white and blue color series best known from off-road motorsports
-Outline Edition – White outlined tire lettering with a black interior
-Classic Edition – Classic white letter color series


What’s included in each kit Do-It-Yourself kit?
These tire letters are available as a Do-It-Yourself kit which can be applied to any BFGoodrich® tire in the comfort of your own garage. Each kit includes:

-Tire lettering (includes 4 or 5 tire’s worth of BFGoodrich® and model name),
-Specialized Tire Stickers® FleXement Tire Lettering Adhesive so they bond to your tires and never let go
-Rubber gloves for a clean installation
-Tire Stickers® Rubber Bright Touch-Up Cleaner (2 oz)
-Complete directions so the job gets done right!


What’s the process for installation?
BFGoodrich® Tire Letters are easy to apply and give your tires an unforgettable look that will turn heads everywhere you go! Check out the installation video for the step-by-step process to achieve a professional and lasting finish.


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Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .1 × .1 × .1 in
Select Color Style

Signature Edition (Red, White & Blue), Outline Edition (White & Black), Classic Edition (White Letters), Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo

Select Tire Size

215/70/16 KO2, 215/75/15 KO2, 225/70/17 KO2, 225/75/16 KO2, 235/60/18 KO2, 235/65/17 KO2, 235/75/15 KO2, 235/80/17 KO2, 235/85/16 KO2, 245/65/17 KO2, 245/65/17 KO2, 245/70/16 KO2, 245/70/17 KO2, 255/65/17 KO2, 255/70/17 KO2, 255/70/18 KO2, 265/60/16 KO2, 265/60/18 KO2, 265/60/20 KO2, 265/65/17 KO2, 265/65/17 KO2, 265/65/17 KO2, 265/65/18 KO2, 265/65/18 KO2, 265/70/16 KO2, 265/70/17 KO2, 265/70/18 KO2, 265/75/16 KO2, 275/55/20 KO2, 275/55/20 KO2, 275/60/20 KO2, 275/65/17 KO2, 275/65/18 KO2, 275/65/18 KO2, 275/65/20 KO2, 275/70/17 KO2, 275/70/18 KO2, 285/55/20 KO2, 285/60/18 KO2, 285/60/20 KO2, 285/65/18 KO2, 285/65/20 KO2, 285/70/17 KO2 Replacement, 285/70/17 KO2 OE Jeep, 285/75/16 KO2, 285/75/17 KO2, 295/55/20 KO2, 295/55/r20 KO2, 295/60/20 KO2, 295/60/r20 KO2, 295/65/r20 KO2, 295/70/r18 KO2, 295/65/20 KO2, 285/70/17 KO2, 295/70/18 KO2, 305/70/18 KO2, 315/70/17 KO2, 37/12.5/20 KO2, 30/9.5/15 KO2, 305/55/20 KO2, 305/65/17 KO2, 305/65/18 KO2, 305/70/16 KO2, 305/70/r18 KO2, 31/10.5/15 KO2, 315/70/17 KO2, 315/70/17 KO2 Raptor, 315/75/16 KO2, 325/60/20 KO2, 325/65/18 KO2, 33/10.5/15 KO2, 33/12.5/15 KO2, 33/12.5/18 KO2, 33/12.5/20 KO2, 34/10.5/17 KO2, 34/12.5/18 KO2, 35/12.5/15 KO2, 35/12.5/17 KO2, 35/12.5/18 KO2, 35/12.5/20 KO2, 37/12.5/17 KO2, 37/12.5/17 KO2, 37/12.5/r20 KO2, 205/80R16 KM3, 215/75R15 KM3, 225/75R16 KM3, 235/70R16 KM3, 235/85R16 KM3, 245/65R17 KM3, 265/60R18 KM3, 265/70/R17 KM3, 265/70R17 KM3, 265/75R16 KM3, 265/75R16 KM3, 275/70R18 KM3, 28/10/r14 KM3, 285/55/R20 KM3, 285/70/R17 KM3, 285/70/R17 KM3, 285/70/R17 KM3, 285/75R16 KM3, 295/55R20 KM3, 295/70R17 KM3, 30/9.5/r15 KM3, 30/10/r14 KM3, 30/10/r15 KM3, 305/55R20 KM3, 305/70R16 KM3, 315/70/R17 KM3, 315/75R16 KM3, 31X10.50R15 KM3, 32/10/r14 KM3, 32/10/r15 KM3, 325/60R20 KM3, 33/10.5/R15 KM3, 33/10.50/R15 KM3, 33/12.50/R15 KM3, 33X12.50R17 KM3, 33X12.50R20 KM3, 35/12.50/R15 KM3, 35/12.50/R17 KM3, 35/12.50/R18 KM3, 35X12.50R20 KM3, 37/12.50/R17 KM3, 37/13.50/R18 KM3 (White Only), 37/13.50/R20 KM3, 39X13.50R17 KM3, 225/75R16 KM3, 305/55R20 KM3, 33X12.50R20 KM3, 235/85R16 KM3, 265/75R16 KM3, 265/75R16 KM3, 285/70/R17 KM3, 33/10.50/R15 KM3, 33X12.50R17 KM3, 285/70/R17 KM3, 285/75R16 KM3, 295/70R17 KM3, 305/70R16 KM3, Any Size g-Force Comp-2 A/S, Any Size g-Force Sport Comp-2, Any Size g-Force Rival

Select Quantity

1 Tire, 2 Tires, 3 Tires, 4 Tires, 5 Tires

2 reviews for Official BFGoodrich Tire Letters

  1. Cody Payne

    I really like the look to be honest, they add a nice touch to my jeep and I never thought of adding this until I saw it. Thanks!

  2. Christian Seip (verified owner)

    Ich habe das Set mit 5 Stück für meinen Daihatsu Terios bestellt und bin mit der Qualität und dem Aussehen sehr zufrieden. Das Set beinhaltet zudem 1 Flasche Sekundenkleber. Das Auftragen der Buchstaben gelingt ziemlich einfach. Allerdings empfiehlt es sich die Reifen zu demontieren. Mein Urteil: Sehr gut!

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