How Long Do Tire Stickers Last?

How Long Do Tire Stickers Last?

tire lettering tire stickers

We all know Tire Stickers brand are the best tire lettering around, but how long do they really last? Whatever your situation calls for, the answer is: long enough.


Permanent Tire Stickers

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Our permanent raised rubber Tire Stickers last for 40,000+ miles of intense driving. Or 64,373.76 kilometers for our metric-using friends. Or 6.80431180093E-9 light-years for you space explorers/aliens out there.


That’s equivalent to 14+ cross country American road trips!


Or racing down the Great Wall of China 3 times!


Or driving around the EARTH twice!


Or making it 1/6th of the way to the MOON! (But hey, let’s be real, those Tire Stickers are going to last even longer in the vacuum of space.) And when you finally reach the moon, you’ll be able to drive around it almost 6 times!


They’re built to last for the entire lifetime of the tire and are completely cleanable. That’s right, you’re more likely to replace your tires than your Tire Stickers.

Temporary Peel-and-Stick Tire Stickers

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Our short-term Tire Stickers can withstand extreme conditions for a few hundred miles. The perfect amount of time for car shows, photoshoots, and any kind of racing. Quicker and easier to apply than our Permanent Tire Stickers too.


They last long enough to get the job done and then some.


Long enough for a trip from LA to Las Vegas for an auto show. Or a race across Japan’s main island. Or a multi-nation European photo shoot.


And just long enough that you’ll be able to switch to the next big thing, you trendy auto lover you.


Are Tire Stickers Reusable?

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Most people aren’t going to be swapping out their tire decals every other day, but are Tire Stickers reusable?


The short answer is: No.


The longer answer is: Since our tire lettering is made to withstand extreme conditions without falling off your tire, removing them isn’t as simple as peeling them off intact.


But if you bump the curb and damage your decal, there is no reason for despair. Tire Stickers offers free individual replacement letters -- all you have to do is cover the small shipping cost.


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