Create Your Own Tire Decals

Tire Stickers is the only official tire decal on the market. That's right, if you find any other tire lettering product that doesn't have the official "Tire Stickers" logo, it's a knockoff! We’ve teamed up with all your favorite automotive brands, but did you know you can create your own custom looks too?


Rep your brand or your auto club or just say what needs to be said! A bunch of styles and customization to choose from so you can match your Tire Stickers to your existing color scheme, personality, or state of mind. Check out your create-your-own options below.


How To Create Your Own Tire Stickers


It’s easy. Under “Shop Tire Lettering” hover over “Create Your Own” and choose your custom style.


No matter the style, you’ll be able to customize the color and font, plus choose the right size for your unique tire.


Top & Bottom Of Tire


This is the classic create your own with enough space to speak your mind where the rubber meets the road. Customize the text on the top and the bottom to create the ultimate rolling graphic. Each phrase can be up to 12 characters long and every kit will include 4 of each word/phrase (2 per tire).


Top Of Tire Only


This option is for the man of few words. You’ve got 12 characters so make ‘em count! The minimalist alternative to the top & bottom combo.


Upload A Custom Logo


The ultimate branding decal. Upload your custom logo and turn your tires into rolling billboards for your company or your Instagram following or whatever logo-based scheme you’ve got cooked up.


F1 Style Stripes & Text


You wanna go fast?* Add Formula One style lines to your top and bottom text. You can customize the color of each element too!


*Won’t actually make your shitbox run faster. But it’ll look like it’s breaking land-speed records on the way to the store.


Tire Flares & Text


A sick, custom, flared look plus text on the top and bottom of the tire. For that little extra dash of style. Color customization included on all graphic elements.


How To Apply Your Created Tire Stickers

You’ve made your own unique Tire Stickers, now maybe you want to install them yourself too. Here are some handy guides to DIY:


Temporary (Short Term):

- Peel and Stick Application Guide Instruction Sheet

- Peel and Stick - Application Video


Permanent (Long Term):

- Permanent Application Guide Instruction Sheet

- Permanent - Application Video


Create Your Own Tire Stickers Showcase


Check out these custom Tire Stickers made by our very own community for some inspiration. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and tag your own looks with #tirestickers for a chance to be featured!



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