What Are Tire Stickers?

When the first tire was invented in the 1800's, who knew it would take over a century for the possibility of tire customization?  For nearly 120 years, plain ol' black tires have been the norm with the exception of professional race cars.  Even in the mid-20th century when raised white letters and whitewalls gained popularity, consumers were limited to styles determined by the tire manufacturers.  With all of the aesthetic vehicle customization options available to consumers over the years, why has there never been an option for tires?  Well, it has certainly been attempted!

History of Tire Customization

Beyond the limited options offered by the tire companies, there have been efforts to bring a suitable solutions to market.  Most notably the emergence of painting (whether by spray paint or other methods) has been widely used for decades as a short term solution.  Unfortunately, the drawbacks of painting tires are vast, including:

- Messy: traditional methods of spray painting require extensive masking to ensure the wheels or vehicle are not damaged

- Time Consuming: Masking the tire and creating stencils takes hours of preparation.  Even paint pens can take 4 hours or more to simply color in the existing lettering on the tire

- Poor Durability: When used on tires, standard paint will discolor within hours and attempts to drive will result in cracking and chipping of the paint.  Dozens of 'rubber' paint solutions have been invented and extend the durability of paint on tires for several hundred miles, but discoloration results rapidly due to environmental conditions and more importantly oil and 'mold release agents' released from within the tire.  Simply put, paint requires a repeat application within weeks at best.

- Limited Customization: Unless the user is an aspiring artist, painting the tire with a custom design is virtually impossible.  Customization is limited to coloring in the lines of the tire mold lettering.  Forget advertising your business or adding a custom logo.

With all of the drawbacks of painting tires it's no wonder other solutions have been sought out. Tire printing recently emerged in the 21st century and has attempted to remedy the drawbacks of traditional painting. Tire printing utilizes a printing machine which improves on the speed of application, option of customization and product durability. Unfortunately, tire printing requires the tire and printer to be in the same location which can be a logistical nightmare considering there are a limited number of these machines globally.  Further, tire printing does has not resolved the issue of discoloration which typically takes place within one month, damage from environmental conditions and standard car wash cleaning solutions, and with a cost of over $200 for a set of tires this solution is hardly economical!  

Finally, A Solution That Works!

It wasn't until our website first launched in 2007 that true tire customization was made possible.  With an idea and burning desire to achieve that 'race car' look we spent months testing the 'solutions' on the market and understanding the drawbacks of each keeping in mind the goal of something as simple to apply as a sticker.  

After nearly a year of research and development in collaboration with tire companies and motorsports teams directly, Tire Stickers brought to market the first solution for personalization of tire sidewalls. This patented product was durable enough for tire companies and motorsports teams to use in professional racing environments yet customizable down to a single tire and easy enough for the DIY consumer to apply. 

Our first product (now known as Short-Term Tire Stickers) was designed to support increased brand awareness for tire companies and motorsports teams as well as to serve as a method for advertising, tire tracking and even theft prevention and track side tire regulation.  For consumers, this product has been a vast improvement over any historical attempt at tire customization with ease of application (just like a sticker), extended durability and the potential for creating nearly any design.  Our products are not limited to vehicle types, that means anything with a tire can be customized including cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, wheelchairs...the list is endless!

TIRE STICKERS kick starter green



With the introduction of this breakthrough technology, our company has since sparked a revolution in the automotive industry and thus the demand for new products!  At the 2015 SEMA Auto Show last year, our products were present on over 125 vehicles and recognized for 4 New Product Global Media Awards, a privilege reserved for truly breakthrough products.  Since formation, we have brought to market short term and permanent solutions to serve tire companies, motorsports teams and consumers alike.  Our products can be utilized for aesthetic purposes such as advertising, promoting a business or supporting a charity or simply adding a personal touch to the vehicle.  Beyond aesthetics, our products have functional use for tire regulation, theft prevention, inventory tracking, and even storing data within the tires!  

What Customers Are Saying

In an industry that is based heavily on referrals, a positive customer experience is crucial. With over one million Tire Stickers sold over the years, our product performance, innovation and creativity, quality, and customer service are at the foundation of the growth and future of our business. Here's what our customers and followers are saying:

"Received the stickers, read the instructions, had them on the car in under an hour. Well under. Spent most of the time degreasing the tires. The stickers went on without issue, and they were easy to manipulate as they went on to ensure they were straight and even. I’ve done multiple road trips with the car, washed it many times, and have had zero issues with the Semi-Permanent Peel and Stick Tire Stickers. They look awesome. I couldn’t be happier with the product. Not too expensive, easy to install (and remove should you feel the need), and so far long lasting." - Cory P.


"I could not be any happier purchasing a product from this company. The best customer I have ever dealt with." - Dean B.


"I think you guys have an amazing product that stands alone from anything else that is like this. I mean anyone can use a stencil and spray paint and it can be done but that’s universal. You guys offer a variety of options where it’s almost impossible for 2 different orders to come out alike." - Vincent R. 


"You guys have a really great customer service I like that! Thumbs up!!" - Kevin S.


"Just received the permanent letters today and find that the quality of them are amazing. Fast handling and shipping (I am located in Hong Kong). One of the best sellers I have ever met. Thumbs up!" - Billy S.



"Today received the parcel. thank you very much for your service ! really fast shipping and excellent products ! will order more soon !!!" - Mifik Z



"My first set order set of 8 (PERM), little worried about the quality and price paid for an unknown, but reviews of product warranted the go ahead with the order. Just ordered my 3rd set, Why ?







"These guys did an EXCELLENT job on my truck. Very friendly, patient, and helpful all through the process. I was indecisive and picky and they were totally cool with it and gave me some advice/opinions that I later decided to go with. If you want a team that will cater to you and care about your car/truck/motorcycle, these are the guys you want to go to." - Brian G. 

Why Kickstarter?

The automotive industry has witnessed a transformation over the past several years since the last economic crisis and the demand for aftermarket customization is at an all time high. Automotive manufacturers continue to develop and debut high-performance vehicles (both gas and electric) and consumers are seeking ways to personalize their vehicles and now with our technology, their tires.  After years of development and product promotion, market acceptance and demand have been skyrocketing and this is why we're seeking your support. We're kicking this business into overdrive with a focus on 3 core strategies that require funding support:

1. Expansion of Capacity

Like many startups, Tire Stickers began in a living room, expanded to the garage and now operates out of a facility in the heart of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.  With the rapidly growing demand, we are quickly running out of space for manufacturing and inventory, installation on customer vehicles and offices for our growing team.  Further, our equipment is at full capacity constantly and with the continued growth projected we need a drastic expansion of capacity.  This funding will be utilized for:

  • 3 months rent coverage for expansion of footprint (doubling our size)
  • Lift and tire changing equipment for in-shop customer installations
  • Expansion of space and equipment for factory-lettered tire business.  That's right! Purchase your tires through us and we'll apply the product at our facility with a warranty and ship directly to your door!
  • Additional converting and assembly machines to increase capacity 50%
  • 3 months wage coverage for 2 additional production and warehouse staff members

2. Increasing Portfolio of Licensed Brands


At the core of our business, we strive to support brand expression and expansion of brand availability to the market.  Whether seeking a 'race car' look by adding Goodyear Tire Stickers or letting everyone know you are a fan of NHRA, consumers are in constant demand of brands. We take pride in the official licensing we're developing with the world's most popular tire brands and we continue to add automotive and non-automotive brands frequently.  The majority of these brands require up front royalties based on annual sales commitments and with your support we'll continue to add the following brands (and more!) in 2016:

  • Goodyear, MOPAR, HEMI, SRT, West Coast Customs, Maxxis, Delinte, Jeep, NHRA, NASCAR, Hello Kitty!, etc.

3. New Product Launches In 2016

One of the most exciting components of our business is that our patented technology can be utilized on any tire, for any vehicle, in any environment. Bicycles, trucks, race cars, earth movers, wheelchairs, the possibilities are endless. In addition, the technology can also be utilized for customization of other rubber components beyond tires. We are committed to leveraging this technology to bring new products to market and have several under development presently and this funding will accelerate the new product releases to 2016:

  • Glow-in-the-dark
  • RFID, barcodes, QR codes, etc.
  • Reflective
  • Custom color matching  

The Rewards

Risks and challenges

With the success of this funding campaign will come the challenge of meeting and exceeding the expectations of our backers. Fortunately, our business has a solid foundation and track record of outstanding customer service we are confident in fulfilling our commitments.

Naturally, unforeseen circumstances are always a risk and we've faced many over the years that are applicable to this project:
- Long lead time for new equipment or materials - to counter this risk, we have lined up quotes and projections with our suppliers and we will continue adjust the demand based on the success of the campaign
- Delay of licensing approval - the process of obtaining licensing is often extensive due to the approvals required within larger corporations. Fortunately, we have spent months (and years in some cases) negotiating terms with the brands mentioned and are at the point of launch and upfront royalty payment!
- R&D challenges - when inventing new a new technology nothing goes as planned and we know this all too well. What's expected to work typically does not and this can drag out the launch of new products. The above mentioned new products (and more) have been under development for over 8 months and extensive durability testing is in progress. This will set us up for 'the final lap' of R&D and the official launch with your support!

Tire Stickers has launched a Kickstarter campaign and needs your help!  With funds raised from people like you on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, Tire Stickers will be able to expand product offerings, features, production space and of course, develop systems to maintain the level of customer support the brand has been built on.  Whether you are a canyon carving dare devil or new to the idea of designing your tires, we hope to have your support while we enter a new era of after market tire accessories.  

As every start-up company who launches their first Kickstarter campaign knows, not hitting the target funding level means a complete loss of funds. That's why we've created sections below where you can see our financial plans with the funding in more detail.