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Goodyear Tires - Support Our Troops

Military Edition

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has launched a special edition tire to be used in the upcoming NASCAR races at Charlotte Motor Speedway (2013). This unique tire will display "Support Our Troops" on the tire sidewall in place of their signature Goodyear Eagle logo. This change in design is part of a greater campaign to help raise money for the U.S. Armed Forces. With their "Goodyear Gives Back" initiative, Goodyear has raised over $700,000 towards helping troops and their families.

This isn't the first time Goodyear has harnessed this tire sidewall marketing tactic. Last year, 2012, the company went with a similar design which utilized red and blue coloring. This years design will be colored desert storm camouflage with the same slogan, Support Our Troops.

Can I order a set of Tire Decals™ that look like the Goodyear Eagle Support Our Troops tires?
Contact us and we will provide you with a custom set to replicate the look HERE.

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Below: Pictures of Goodyear Support Our Troops Tires

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